The Biggest Carpet I Ever Saw

Three summers ago, Elliott was asked to go on his first business trip ever, and he was excited.  The destination?  Luxembourg, of all places!  It’s a country we Americans often know little about.  I was between contracts at the time though, and we jumped at the chance to go anywhere new together.  Luxembourg city was a sweet, pretty city, but loving travel as we do, we wanted to add something more on.  That about sums up the story of how we ended up taking a weekend trip to Brussels, and how I discovered the Flower Carpet.

Every two years in August, the people of Brussels create a carpet of flowers in Le Grand Place, the main square of the city.  When we were there three years ago, it was the right time but the wrong year.  I knew right then, though, that I wanted to come back during a Flower Carpet year.  We lucked out as we started to map out our possible year of travel, thinking maybe Europe for the summer, as both the Olympics and the Flower Carpet were occurring this year!

So this part of our trip may seem a little backwards, because yes, if you’ve been following, we went from Paris to Brussels to Bruges back to Brussels.  But timing was everything, and there were cousins to see in Brussels, and later flowers to see in Brussels!  It’s all in the photos for this one – there’s not even much to say except that the carpet was gorgeous just as I had hoped, huuuuuuuge, and something anyone can enjoy.  The carpet is a different design every time – sometimes more symmetric, sometimes geometric, sometimes there’s a fountain.  We viewed it during the day from the ground, up high a balcony off of City Hall, and at night under the lights.  It was another bucket list item for me, and I hope you get to see it one day especially if you love flowers!


5 thoughts on “The Biggest Carpet I Ever Saw

  1. That’s a huuuuuge WOW! Do you know how many people & how long it took to do this? You two are so fortunate to have been able to see this beautiful sight during your travels.

    • Hi Lainie – lucky indeed! It took over 100 people and a year of planning! They make it in about a day though! I edited the post to add a sentence and a link about the making of the carpet – thanks for reminding me I wanted to do that!

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