Marble Falls and Granite Mountains

In 1911, a Jewish man came to the United States, met a Baptist woman, converted, and married her.  How is this relevant?  Read on to find out the answers…

From San Antonio we were headed north to check out Austin.  But before Austin, we detoured to the smaller town of Marble Falls, where some distant relatives of Elliott’s live.  The drive up to Marble Falls may have been beautiful, but for most of it we had to deal with the annoying task of talking on the phone to hotel, credit card and police personnel about some slight issues we had regarding a credit card that was stolen back in Orlando.  Just add it to the joys of traveling <wink>.

<Plug for restaurant – don’t read if you don’t want to drool!>  We met Debbie at Doc’s Fish Camp & Grill, a delicious seafood restaurant owned by her and her husband Bill.  It’s a cute restaurant with an outdoors-y, cabin-y theme, friendly servers and great food.  I especially loved the coconut shrimp and the apple pie a la mode with caramel sauce.  And let’s not forget the fish tacos and the key lime pie… yes, I admit it was so good we ate there twice in one day and I had dessert both times!

Marble Falls turned out to be a totally awesome side-trip.  We got to meet Debbie, her husband Bill, and Bill’s two kids Rebecca and Billy.  The exact relationship?  Debbie’s grandfather is Elliott’s great-grandmother’s brother.  When her grandfather came to the US and converted religions, he started the first non-Jewish sect of the family.  Who knew the Segelbaums had Christian family in good ole Texas?

To simplify things, we’ll just call Debbie and her immediately family cousins. (If you want to get technical, we think Debbie is Elliott’s second cousin once removed.)  They were all so friendly and we enjoyed talking about all the family connections we have.  In addition, we found out Debbie and Bill are big travelers themselves.  They did a stint for over two years on a boat, where they travelled from Texas around the gulf coast of Florida, down to the Caribbean, up to Maryland and back down to Venezuela.

In addition to meeting some great family members, we got to take in one of the great sites near Marble Falls – Enchanted Rock.  Enchanted Rock is a batholith, which according to Wikipedia is, “a large emplacement of igneous intrusive (also called plutonic) rock that forms from cooled magma deep in the Earth’s crust.”  Basically, it’s a big granite dome in the middle of nowhere. Batholiths are often made of granite, as Enchanted Rock is.  The drive to Enchanted Rock was pretty exciting in and of itself – as we learned that county roads in the area translate to “dirt roads”, along which we passed cows, dogs, deer, a skunk, and even a raccoon.  The hike itself was not hard, but it was straight up a bald, plantless hunk of the red granite this area is famous for – probably not something you want to do when its wet, or icy, or very hot…!  The views at the top were gorgeous though, and it was well worth it.  Where else might we get the chance to climb such a cool hunk of rock?


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