Home For the Holidays

We are once again on the road!  Except, this time it’s not our car we’re driving.  And we’re not the ones driving.  And we’re not in a car.  And we’re not on the same continent…

Okay, so it’s a little different than just a few weeks ago during our cross-country trip.  Currently, we are on a bus, driving from Mombasa, Kenya, to Arusha, Tanzania.  Yup!  You got it right.  Pull up Google Maps.  

We have lots of new excitement going on with our travel plans.  We’ve set up our itinerary for 2013, and you can check it out at https://milehighduo.wordpress.com/itinerary/.  Also, Elliott worked a bit on our Numbers page, which you can see here: https://milehighduo.wordpress.com/numbers/

Lots more to come about Afirca.  But so far the content of this post does not reflect the title very accurately.  So let’s back it up just a little bit to Christmas, when even we were at home celebrating with family and friends.  We enjoyed a great Christmas Eve with best friends Chris and Rebecca, who graciously let us decorate their Christmas tree with them, since we don’t have one of our own.  Rebecca also had all the ingredients for some cookie-baking, without which Christmas just wouldn’t be the same in my opinion!

 That night we had two additional special treats.  First, we got a coating of snow for a White Christmas.  Then while driving home after midnight, the odometer in our car, Michael, reached 100,000 miles! 

Then we spent a fun-filled Christmas Day with family at Dad’s house.  We managed to get a few presents for each other between the day we arrived home and the holiday, and we made the best of things in our basement room that morning.  Instead of our annual live tree, we had a gift bag with Christmas trees on it under which to place our presents!  Dad and Ann cooked up a delicious brunch for us all, and a hearty dinner that night.  In between I tried out my new Ripstick, a Christmas present I was overjoyed to receive.  It’s like a skateboard but with two wheels instead of four, and the wheels swivel, making it extremely tough to balance.  Elliott came outside with me on his skateboard and we had an awesome time.

 Thanks so much to those of you who sent us holiday cards!  We received them and spread them out in our room to look at.  We were unable to get things together in time to send out our annual Christmas photo card, but hopefully you can continue to enjoy photos on our blog until next year!


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