A New Year Ripe for New Experiences

Happy New Year once again! You’ll have to endure this one last post about our time at home before we get to the latest travel experiences. If you missed yesterday’s post on Christmas, we’re writing from Africa! Our 2013 itinerary is posted on our blog site at https://milehighduo.wordpress.com/itinerary/. Our Numbers page is also up to date: https://milehighduo.wordpress.com/numbers/.

Our New Year celebration was a great one. We started out by going up to the Poconos for a few days to spend time at my sister Wendy’s lake house. As if Mother Nature was giving us yet another Christmas present, six inches of snow fell the morning we arrived. We were staying in a warm house with huge picture widows, our nieces Emily and Allie had new snowboards from Santa, we were equipped with our saucer sleds, and we had a huge canister of hot chocolate. We were all set.

I thought we’d entertain ourselves all weekend throwing snowballs at one another, building snow angels, and sledding. We did all of that and much more. Elliott and Emily worked hard on building an igloo, and Elliott and I joined the girls for their (and our) first snowboarding lesson ever!! It was a blast. Well, I can say that now. The black and blue marks on my hip, the scratch on my nose and the massive headache I received from falling squarely on my face and left side, have all long disappeared. And I’ve almost forgotten the sheer mortification I suffered when I sat down on, fell off of, and was mowed over by the chair lift in front of 50 other people, who pretended to care and ask if I was okay while hiding their hideous laughter! I will probably try snowboarding again. After Elliott joins me on some skis (which I know I can handle better!).

We rang in the actual New Year at our friends Greg and Rosy’s house. It was thrilling enough to be spending the night with three of our favorite couples in the world. What made it a night to go down in history was the announcement of Greg and Rosy’s engagement, and dancing to the classics of none other than the King of Pop, Michael Jackson! Wow, some of us (not me) had some MOVES.

A few days after the New Year rang in, we had the joy of celebrating my cousin Tiffany’s marriage to her husband Bradley. We missed the wedding last Fall so it was super cool to be able to celebrate and dance with everyone at the reception. We even had a super fun and lazy night beforehand of ice cream, popcorn and movies with family who was in town for the reception.

2013 is an extremely exciting year for us. We’re already mid-way through our year of travel, which is unbelievable to us! The time has just flown by. And three weeks at home over the holidays has really recharged us. We got tons of hugs from all our local family and friends, and had many laughs and good times together. My New Year’s resolution is to do more for others and I think we got a good start when we spent some time at a Soup Kitchen in Norristown with Dad and Ann a few days before leaving home again. There’s nothing better than being reminded of how good you have things in life, and being able to share even just `a little bit with those who have less.


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