Blogging Bits and Fort Worth Revisited!

Just a couple of quick notes, or “bits”, on blogging stuff tonight.  We just arrived in Istanbul earlier today, and we’ll be putting up a post about the rest of our time in Israel very soon!

First off, you may notice some changes to the blog; we’ve added some long overdue organization to the posts.  (If you subscribe to the blog and receive the posts in your email, you’ll need to click on a blog post title in one of your emails to get to the actual blog home page and see the new stuff.)  You can now search all the posts at once for any keywords you might be interested in.  You’ll also see a bunch of categories on the right hand of the page.  When you click one, it will lead you to all the posts that fit into that category.

Next up, some very exciting news for us.  Some folks at the Fort Worth Convention & Visitors Bureau noticed our post on Fort Worth, Texas, and asked us to write a post for their own blog.  Elliott answered all their questions and sent them a write-up.  It’s very similar to our original, and features a nice big photo of the two of us at the Fort Worth Water Gardens.  If you’d like to check it out, you can find it here: Visit Fort Worth. They were even nice enough to include a link to our blog!

That’s all for tonight – it’s late:)


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