The Ballad of the Smirnoff Ice

The following was inspired by the events in our previous post

(Sung to the tune of Ghost Riders in the Sky)

We checked in for our next flight in the middle of Amman
We had to check our luggage, oh will it make it on?
A shuttle to the airport was waiting out the door
But first they scanned our luggage… you can bet that there was more

They pulled out Stephanie’s case, more searching was to come
They said “Inside there’s liquids, you cannot take them on.”
We said “Since when that’s news to us, we ain’t heard that before.”
But there it was in writing… on a sign right by the door.

Smirnoff Ice in our bags

We had some Smirnoff Ices, we had bought at Duty Free
We messed up the conversion, they cost a pretty penn-y
I didn’t wanna toss them out, for I could waste them not
The only real solution? To drink them on the spot.

We hopped aboard our shuttle with our drinks right by our side
We hid in the very back where the driver couldn’t spy
We had no bottle op’ner, so a binder clip we used
I sliced open two fingers, but I got us our juice!

Smirnoff Ice on the bus

We slouched way down right out of sight, the driver couldn’t see
Four bottles to go now and some junk food from Turkey
I drank about three bottles, poor Steph’nie only one
It eased away my tensions, I was finally having fun.

So if you travel don’t take liquor on the road with you
You never know who’s gonna have a problem if you do
I may have bent the rules a bit, but won out in the end
It made such a fun story….I just might do it again.

Smirnoff Ice in my head


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