Delicious Desserts in Tokyo

I know – this may sound like a joke.  Any American who has been to Asia has probably noticed the lack of sweet desserts, especially when you compare them to overly sicky-sweet (yet delicious) American desserts.  But somehow Elliott managed to find a wonderful destination for us during our time here in Tokyo, and even better, it is coincidentally located within walking distance from our hosts’ home!!

I didn’t know much about the place other than the fact that it is named Jiyugaoka Sweets Forest.  Even as we were walking, I thought I was being taken to a large store or outlet filled with tradition Japanese “sweets.”  I was worried – what if I didn’t like anything, and Elliott was disappointed after planning a special outing just for me?

My worries turned out to be unfounded once we arrived and I took everything in.  The outside of the place was adorable, with lots of pink (very common around here as we are observing), and I saw a menu and map of the inside.  This was no outlet store!  With sections called “Happy Forest” and “Dream Forest,” I was getting pretty excited.  We had our photo taken under the beautiful sign.

Inside we found counter after counter filled with a wide selection of beautiful, fancy desserts.  They weren’t super cheap, yet they cost no more than desserts in America.  And they looked oh so heavenly!  There wasn’t a ton of chocolate, and surprisingly I was still drooling.  There were lots and lots of strawberry flavored items, which is not always my favorite – but they all looked delicious.  See for yourself!

Here is a selection of the pink desserts:

Here is a selection of pizza slice desserts!  Yum, this means I can have pizza for dinner *and* dessert!

Elliott and I shared a strawberry mousse thingy called a mont blanc, and it was amazing.  We thought it was strawberry through and through, but it turned out to have surprises on the inside!  There was a white mousse, as well as a filling made of preserves.  And underneath the whole thing was a pink, wafer-like cookie.  We were so psyched to have found this place!  As you can see, our hosts enjoyed their dessert as well, even though it looked like fruit-filled eyeballs.  Elliott didn’t want to touch it on principle, but I doubt that anything from the Jiyugaoka Sweets Forest would actually taste bad.



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