Cocteles con Fausto

We’ve just finished another week of Spanish School, and along with our classes, we are invited to join in free school activities every afternoon or evening after classes are over for the day. One of the highlights for us was the day Fausto, our school director, taught us how to make some local cocktails. After becoming deputy bartenders, we were given generous samples. I don’t know about you, but I don’t ever remember going to school and getting free, approved alcoholic beverages before! What a great day.

There were two drinks to be made. The first was Canelazo, a warm drink consisting of naranjilla (a local fruit similar to an orange), zhumir (a local alcohol), sugar (an Ecuadorian favorite!), and cinnamon. It was perfect as we’ve had lots of rain here lately and the days can feel quite chilly, especially inside the school with its old concrete walls and floors.

The second drink we made is a chilled drink called Bebida de la Paisón, or in English, Drink of Passion. Sounds great, right? It was. Rum, sugar (there’s that sugar again), and passion fruit – what could go wrong? Elliott got to help out turning the passion fruits into juice, which is the most tedious part of the project by far, and somewhat resembles a horror movie. He did a great job, and we were all thankful.

What delicious cocktails, and what a relaxing ending to another overwhelming day of learning a new language! We even learned the proper way to toast here in Ecuador – up, down, in, out, around, eye contact, and finally, SALUD!


2 thoughts on “Cocteles con Fausto

  1. Eye contact is very important during a toast. In Germany lack of eye contact means seven years of bad sex. What bad things happen in Ecuador if there’s a lack of eye contact during a toast?

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