My Hips Won’t Do That

During our first week in Cuenca, our local host family told us that several of the parks there have free aerobics in the mornings and evenings.  We were excited at the idea but not really sure where or when to go to look for it.  The next week we needed to take a bus in and out of the city each day to get to our host’s house, and finally we saw the aerobics in action, every night at 8pm in the little park across the street from our bus stop!  After watching it longingly on several occasions (when we had no sneakers and were laden with backpacks), Stephanie was determined to make it happen.

The aerobics is sort of a combination of aerobics, Zumba, and other Latin-dancy goodness.  One of the first appealing points was the bumpin’ Latin music that they use.  Maybe it’s just being in another country, but we found ourselves really getting into the music. (They also play it nice and loud.)  The next most appealing point was the instructor.  This guy could m-o-v-e!  If I could move like he does, I would rule any dance floor I cared to visit.  I was determined to try.

It turns out that about 100 people regularly show up for these Bailo-terapia (dance therapy) sessions.  There’s Super-Dance-Guy who leads it.  He mostly just strolls around and makes sure everyone is okay.  Every now and then he busts out a new move.  It’s then up to the two leader-girls to repeat that movement for the benefit of the rest of us.  The rest of us then do our best to follow along.  This goes on for about 40 sweaty, hip-twisting minutes of cardio goodness.

I realized pretty quickly that it would take me several classes to get those motions down.  I just have North-American hips, I guess.  More impressive, was how many of the local regulars *did* have suitably swivly hips.  I’ll get there eventually, and then I shall rule the dance floor!  (mwah hah hah)

See what it’s like:


2 thoughts on “My Hips Won’t Do That

  1. Practice, practice, practice. Contrary to popular belief, the local regulars weren’t born with hips like that. I guarantee they’ve been practicing since they were very young.

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