Riding through Williamsburg

We’re back in the States for the moment, doing some more local travel.  Last week we went to Williamsburg, Virginia with Dad, Ann and Ann’s kids and grandkids.  We had a great time, learning about US history, visiting with family, and playing in theme parks!  So first, in this post, is what all kids love – the rides!!

Busch Gardens

Here I spent one full anxious day as I tried one new roller coaster after another!  I don’t like big downhill drops on roller coasters in general, and I really dislike going on a coaster for the first time because I don’t know what to expect!  But once I know the deal, I can determine which ones I like and avoid the others, using the excuse, “I’ve already tried that one.”  Believe it or not, the Griffon was my absolute favorite coaster even with its 205-foot, 90-degree, 75 mph free fall!  (Not to mention the fact that the ride lets you hang for six full seconds, facing straight down, before the fall!)  I left it to Elliott, however, to test out the front row.

The second day we spent in Busch Gardens was definitely more fun and relaxing as I no longer needed to fear any new coasters.  My favorite non-coaster ride was Escape from Pompeii, where, “a leisurely boat ride through the ruins of this great city suddenly turns explosive.”  Log flumes are the best on hot days, and all our days last week were blistering!  My other favorites were Der Wirbelwind (classic swings at super high heights), Battering Ram (like the classic pirate ship that swings back and forth, higher and higher), and Le Catapult (a fancy name for an egg scrambler).

In addition to the rides were some great shows!  My favorite was Celtic Fyre, an Irish show filled with singers, musicians and dance.  I also enjoyed a short show in the “gardens of Italy”, where a pair of acrobat/contortionists portrayed the growth of a flower.

Last but not least were the animals.  We liked the wolves, who were determined not to adhere to their training, and the colorful birds in the bird sanctuary.  And although we prefer to see natural animal behaviors, the Pet Shenanigans show was super cute!  I wonder how my dog would have liked a cat jumping back and forth over top of him…?!

Water Country USA

It just doesn’t get better than a water park when the afternoons are hot, humid and stiiiiiiick-y!  Water Country USA is part of Busch Gardens and we were thrilled to spend time there, even though it rained on and off during our visit!  That just meant fewer people and shorter lines.

One of our favorites was Aquazoid, where we rode with Jacob (Ann’s
8-year old grandson) through a waterfall, down 850 feet of enclosed pipeline in a huge round raft!  The Hubba Hubba Highway was a new version of the “Lazy River” for us, because in this one you can ride round and round in a life jacket instead of a tube.  And it’s not so lazy; instead there are fast moving currents!  Once we got over the silly feeling of floating in a life jacket, we loved the freedom and speed it gave us compared to the inner tube!


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