Circusing Circusly at Circus Circus

There’s a reason why Circus Circus is the one casino where you can bring your kids. The second floor has a large stage in-the-round with a trapeze (and net) above it. In addition, the whole thing is surrounded by the Midway at which you can find a multitude of carnival games – the kind where you have an infinitesimal chance of winning an enormous stuffed animal that won’t fit in your carryon luggage.

The very first act we saw was a clown. Now, personally, I hate clowns. I think they’re creepy and/or scary, but definitely not funny. Stephanie convinced me to stay in my seat. This guy was actually amusing, once I saw through his veneer of terror. We actually saw him a second time, and I got to be part of the preshow. Since I didn’t suffer any nightmares as a result, I deem him the most successful (yet nameless) clown I have ever seen.

We saw a slack wire act who made it look like anyone can do full handstands on a wire, a pair of rollerskaters who whizzed in dizzying circles on a 6 ft. circular platform, a stunt BMX rider, and a band of African acrobats who I swear I’ve seen elsewhere before. Who knew you could do a somersault *with your bike*? There was also a juggler, a pair of acrobats, and a foot juggler from China (where else). And no, she juggled *with* her feet. She did not juggle feet.

Slack Wire
Whirling Rollerskaters
Whirling Rollerskaters 2

The highlights, of course, were the aerial acts. There was a woman on a cloud swing (which is basically a thick rope hung in a U-shape), and an aerial silk act – always a personal favorite because I labor under the delusion that I could easily do the aerial silk thing if only I had some aerial silk. More importantly, neither of these women used nets or harnesses. INSANE in the membrane!! And of course, there were not one but two different trapeze acts. Having actually taken a couple of trapeze lessons, I have all kinds of awe for these guys (and girls) who fly through the air with the greatest of ease.

Cloud Swing
Trapeze 1

We also had to check out the midway games. We got to play a couple for free as part of our “Welcome to Circus Circus” goodies, and I actually managed to win something. I won a little plush frog named Keroppi. He’s a Sanrio character like Hello Kitty, but not as overplayed. He was supposed to be for Stephanie, but we discovered that he enjoys blackjack, and it turns out that he’s good luck. I brought him to the tables with me whenever I played, and waved him over my own hand as well as the hands of other players when they wanted luck. He was a big hit (he could’ve been in the circus, as it turns out); even the pit boss kept asking me if I had brought my “squirrel” with me. It’s thanks to him that we did so well in Vegas.

P.S. by Stephanie
Keroppi was never intended for me. Elliott has had a secret infatuation with Keroppi for many, many years. He looooooves him. Besides, everyone knows I am a Chococat fan. Elliott says he won Keroppi for Chococat, but I know he really wanted Keroppi all for himself.

P.P.S. by Elliott
I have no idea what you’re talking about!


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