Rounding Out Our Time in Portland

We spent a lazy Sunday first at a farmer’s market, and then at Portland’s famous Saturday Market. This artsy crafty fair is so popular that it’s now The Saturday/Sunday Market just in case you were busy on Saturday. We wandered around looking at all the cool artsy crafts, cool artsy food and cool artsy people. We had cool artsy lunch by a cool artsy fountain with a decidedly NOT cool or artsy hipster guy playing guitar on a stage. This guy was so terrible that we turned for amusement to the kids playing in the fountain. Even more amusing was the one adult playing in the fountain as well. There was almost a terrible wardrobe malfunction, but we were spared the worst of it.

We took a drive to the rugged, Pacific Northwest coast on our last full day of activities. John Daddy seemed happy to show us all over his part of the state, and we were definitely happy to have a tour guide. Our first stop was to a beautiful, secluded beach called Smuggler’s Cove. Being a Wednesday, there were few people around, except of course for the obligatory surfers. The cove was surrounded by rocky walls with tall trees on top, and was just built for wandering up and down, which we took our time doing. The tide was in, though, so we couldn’t get to the tide pools to check out the crabs and starfish.

After a stop for lunch where they laid on more tater tots than a human could eat in one sitting, we checked out the town of Cannon Beach and the famous Haystack Rock. This is a great big rock just off the shore that looks exactly like a haystack! (Surprising, eh?) We had fun taking photos until our camera battery died.

Our final stop of the day was the town of Astoria (where, for all you 80s kids, “The Goonies” was filmed). At the highest point in town sits the Astoria Column. 164 steps take you to the top for amazing, panoramic views of the countryside including Mt. St Helens and Mt. Rainier in Washington. John Daddy’s knees refused to climb that many stairs, but Junior came with us to the top for views and photo ops. And yes, on the ride home, we stopped for our now-traditional evening visit to Dairy Queen.

That left us one full day in Oregon. It worked out that my brother Erik was flying home to Seattle, but instead, re-routed himself to Portland to spend a day with us. We spent the whole day catching up and didn’t really feel the need to go out and be entertained. There was, however, much YouTube-ing going on. We really do have the same sense of humor, and it was great to see him again after almost two years.

So the one question that was on my mind was, “Where are we going next?” Remember, this is two months of mystery travel, and I know not where. We headed out bright and early in the morning, and I had no idea if we were going to a bus, a boat a train or a plane. We went to the airport with Junior (who was heading home to Philly), and it turned out, we were flying out too. Stephanie managed once again to keep it a secret until we got to the gate to board our plane. I was completely excited to find that we were heading to…

(Hint – if you pay attention to my Facebook posts, you already know!)

* I was not on the ball enough to actually take a picture with my brother, so please accept this substitute in its place.


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