Swinging in Suva, Fiji

It was another great port day – we were on Fiji, after all! We couldn’t believe it was real; Fiji always sounds so exotic. Apparently, however, all the nicest beaches that you hear about on Fiji are at the resorts, and we were in the rather industrial port of Suva, which does not have the best reputation. So when we heard of a nearby, beautiful-sounding place in nature, we decided to go for it.

We got off the ship and wandered around looking for Tourist Information. Finally someone directed us to “Government Services.” The people there were very helpful and pointed us to the bus station and to Colo-I-Suva Forest Reserve, where we wanted to go. The bus station had a ton of buses like the one on Samoa, and with some help we found our bus. It was only a 15-20 minute ride to Colo-i Suva, and when we paid the admission, the ranger showed us the map in detail and told us where to hike and swim.

We had to hike down a road for a bit before coming to the waterfall trail, and wouldn’t you know it – we again ran into the family we had hiked with on Pago Pago, so we hiked with them and a second family. What a great place! There were ten pools in all, and a trail that took you from one to the next. It reminded me a bit of Oheo Gulch on Maui or Rickett’s Glen in PA, only more compact with the falls and pools very close together. We had a lot of fun swimming and jumping into the first pool from the rocks above. Then I swam in the second pool, and then we hiked past most of the others, taking photos as we went of all the gorgeous scenery! It was just so beautiful.

We were all excited to get to the last pool, which had an AWESOME rope swing. We have done a few rope swings before and we have always loved them, but this one had two different “levels” from which to jump off, and the high one was really scary!! Emily asked Elliott to go first off the high platform so that she wouldn’t be so scared; he said okay, then climbed up there and promptly said, “No way!” So I had to go first, and I was pretty terrified, but it really was truly awesome. (Eventually Elliott did get the courage up to jump off the high ledge, by the way!) Here are some videos:

Elliott Swings in Fiji
Stephanie Swings (well technically falls) in Fiji
Stephanie Swings II (well technically falls again) in Fiji

Elliott tried to photograph me letting go of the rope and falling into the water, but he was having a lot of troubles. So I had to keep jumping over and over!! The only downside for me was the fact that almost every time I hit the water from that height, my bathing suit decided to move itself to a different location on my body, and I’d have to fix it under water before I’d come up for air. I think I jumped from the high ledge four times, and then from the low ledge about five times before we finally got some good photos. I was freezing!!!

We left and moved on along the trail, excitedly looking for the pool named “Warm Pool.” But it turned out there was no warm pool – it was just a name given to one of the pools that gets a lot of sun, lol. And the rangers at the top of the road had a good laugh when we told them how disappointed we were!


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