Elliott Drives on the Left and We’re Still Alive



Hee hee, I couldn’t help but be grateful yesterday when we returned out rental car yesterday to the Cairns Airport.  We made it!  We’re aliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive!!

In all seriousness, for all the adventure we’ve had in our lives, driving on the other side of the road was something that was always daunting to us.  But somehow I drew up the courage to rent a manual car to drive in Australia, knowing they drive on the wrong (I mean left) side of the road!  Okay, maybe it helped just a tad bit that the rental was in Elliott’s name, and I knew I’d never actually get behind the wheel.  But he did great!  He stepped up and was all over it, and within a few days time was taking the curves like an Indy 500 driver, scaring me with speed once again.

So we learned that in Australia (and probably many other places) they drive on the left side of the road, the steering wheel is on the right side of the car, the foot pedals are still in the same places in relation to one another (yay), and you have to shift with your left hand but the gear positions don’t change (this was weird to get used to).  And yes, Dan, you got it, the toughest thing is to not turn on the wind shield wipers whenever you want to turn, since the control for them is where we are used to the turn signal control!


One thought on “Elliott Drives on the Left and We’re Still Alive

  1. When I got back to the US, I had gotten used to the turn signal being on the right. So the first time I tried to use the turn signal, I almost knocked my car out of gear (Crown Victoria with column shift).

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