88 Lines About 44 Couchsurfers


As we’ve updated you on our travels, we haven’t really talked in great detail about our Couchsurfing hosts, preferring instead to focus on the locations and experiences we’ve been having. All of our hosts have been wonderful people who at the very least have provided us with accommodations in a strange city. More often than not, however, they have enriched the travel experience for us and, in many cases, become friends with whom we still keep in touch.

It is in honor of our 44th host, that I bring you 88 Lines About 44 Couchsurfers, set to the tune (if you can call it that) of 88 Lines about 44 Women by The Nails. Now that we have completed 15 months of travel, we’d like to share a little bit about them (our hosts, not the Nails or the 44 Women).

We stayed with Kevin in NJ just to give this thing a whirl
Joel gave us his Chicago pad, before we went around the world
In Scotland, there was Laura with the giant 3D TV set
Prince Jason took us out for haggis which we hadn’t eaten yet

Last was Brennan lived in Stirling earning an advanced degree
Galagnon took photographs while touring us around Paree
Julio and his dog Bernie lived close to the Pere Lachaise
Joelle in Brussels made us crepes which we raved about for days

Pascal and Yannick lived in Bruges, were tickled when I cooked for them
In Brussels, we were up all night swapping tunes with “Nice Guy Tim”
In Amsterdam with George as Hong cooked us Dutch and hot Thai food
Dmitri came from Russia lived in East Berlin where life was good

Martin lived in Berlin too rode his scooter out and back
In Prague on Petra’s trampoline, I made her son’s one eye turn black
Matteo never surfed at all, but hosted us in Murano
Andrea lived in Florence, could only speak Italiano

In Rome we stayed with Anna and she helped us celebrate Shabbat
Shoshanna and her grandma, their Chicago house a groovy spot
Cassie made us chili while we had a po-li-ti-cal talk
Anna in Wisconsin Dells was near an indoor water park

Rochelle lived in Sioux City, we didn’t really see her long
Michelle lived near Mt. Rushmore and she gave us full run of her home
Sean was in Wyoming and he stayed up late just for our sake
Gerry lived in Salt Lake City, helped me fix our Honda’s brakes

Michelle in Oakland watched our car for ten days while we flew away
Dan’s 70, lived on the Coast and surfed or soccered every day
Ivy showed us all of Tucson, acted like a mom to us
In El Paso, steak and veggie barbecue was thrown by Russ

The Lavens were the house band at a bar in San Antonio
Dan in Dallas thought deep thoughts along with his huge dog, Willow
In Jackson, Brendon taught us much (we can’t forget the squirrel, though)
Let’s not forget Mike and Jayme. They gave me some great tunes, yo!

In Tanzania Maggie helped us reach the top of Mt. Kili
Turgay lived in Istanbul, his warring cats were quite silly
Murat in Turkey showed us to a real hamam for our good health
Amir lived high up in Dubai, a city of some obscene wealth

Dolphino lived in Jordan, really saved our butts when hosting us
Yogi taught us how to thrive in Delhi with minimal fuss.
Sunni with his Holi party was the highlight of Jaipur
Mark in Hong Kong loved his movies on the forty second floor

Tomoko made us feel so welcome, Japan could not offer more
Juanita took us to her school to meet the kids of Ecuador
In Guayaquil with Javier we got off to a “flying” start
Jorge on the skirts of Cuenca – the town that’s now captured our hearts




One thought on “88 Lines About 44 Couchsurfers

  1. Amazing job! (And a great 80’s flashback) I was able to “sing” along the whole way, and it was fun reliving your earlier travels with you!!

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