Downtime in Disney – What’s a Girl to Do?

On our way home to visit friends and family in Philadelphia last week, I built in a stopover in Orlando for five days in Disney World. We planned to spend four full days in the main parks, and a fifth day in one of the water parks. But upon our arrival in Orlando Thursday night, Elliott realized he was coming down with… something. We figured we’d spend a few hours relaxing at the hotel, he’d get a good night’s sleep, and we’d be off to Epcot in the morning.

Friday morning we woke up and Elliott’s head was pounding. There was no way we were going to a park. And Saturday he woke up feeling no better. We found ourselves with something we’d never really experienced before – a whole lot of downtime in Disney! And while Elliott slept through many an hour, I had to find ways to entertain myself.

Luckily on this trip we had booked ourselves in a Disney Resort, which is pretty unusual for us. I was really glad we had. We were at Caribbean Beach, and it was beautiful. Pink, yellow, blue and peach buildings are spread throughout the property, surrounding a lake with a walking path, palm trees, ducks and small beaches. There are volleyball nets, hammocks, and even bean bag toss games set up for relaxation and entertainment.

My favorite thing, of course, was the main resort pool. Themed in the wonderful, typical Disney manner, there were umbrellas in various bold colors, castles, Caribbean music and pirate-like décor. Aka “Curvy Fish,” I was cool as a fool in a pool three afternoons in a row. Sure, it was never more than four feet deep, and it was often full of children and parents, but I just used them all as obstacles around which I needed to stay afloat. How else was I going to substitute my Cuenca high-altitude workouts?

In true Disney Style, the pool was more than just a pool. It had two waterslides, and I had no issues going down the bigger slide over and over with the little kids. It turned out there was also poolside entertainment after lunch each day, and in some of which even my poor sickie hubby could partake. On the first day we entered a Disney trivia contest, and were sort of shocked when a 17/20 didn’t even get us into second place! (Told y’all were not *crazy* Disney people….) Elliott entered the advanced trivia contest and still didn’t win with a 19/20. And when it came to Finish that Disney Lyric, well, we shouldn’t even have been playing. I couldn’t even identify the songs, much less lyrics, as I watched people mouthing the words to entire sets of musicals.

The activities ran into the evening, at which time there was a campfire cookout. Well, really just marshmallow roasting during daylight hours on a fake beach. But you could eat as many marshmallows as you wanted for free, and I wondered aloud ho w many I’d have to eat to compensate for our room rate? We were told the record was set by someone who ate 45 marshmallows in one campfire (and the campfire only lasts one hour). Wow, I thought I was piggy when I ate five!

There were also Disney movies playing each evening, although we didn’t watch any this time. Elliott fretted all week that he was ruining our vacation. After all, it’s supposed to be all about rides and parks, right? And anyone who’s ever visited Disney with us knows our speed is faster-than-light. But I assured him there was no chance of him ruining Disney for me. I had a pool, my Shape magazine, Caribbean music, fun activities, and gorgeous warm, sunny weather. What more could a girl ask for? By the end of our trip I had spent so much time at the pool those first few days that we got to know Katelyn from the activities staff and Elliott filled out a comment card for her at the end of our stay!


2 thoughts on “Downtime in Disney – What’s a Girl to Do?

    • Yup, that’s for sure! And even though he was super bummed to be missing out on the parks, he was well taken care of. For me it was good to have lots to do and entertainment during the many hours he slept!

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