A Decade in Disney – A Decade of Us: Part I

In my last post I mentioned we went to Disney World in May for five days, and I told you all about Elliott being sick, blah blah blah. What I didn’t mention was that this Disney trip was special, since this year marks our ten year wedding anniversary! Yup, November 21st will be ten years of marriage for us, and we plan on celebrating like crazy all year long. But this year doesn’t just mark our first decade of marriage; it marks an entire decade of Disney trips we’ve taken together! We didn’t get married there or anything, but our first vacation ever together was to Disney, and we’ve gone to a Disney park at least once a year since we’ve met. So… it made sense to do a few extra special things on this trip.

10 Years

I told you we stayed at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort and showed you a few photos of the outside, but did I mention we stayed in a Pirate Room? Yup, there is such a thing, and no, you don’t have to be 10 or under to stay in one. Being around Elliott for the months leading up to our trip, however, you might *think* he was 10 or under. He couldn’t wait! What makes a Pirate Room different? I’ll tell ya, matey! Your fridge is in a barrel. Your carpet looks like deck planking. You have a pirate ship shower curtain, and a huge pirate ship carved into the walls of the shower. There’s a curtain dividing the sink area from the rest of the room, and it has a huge skull & crossbones on it! Arrrrrrrrrrrrr. Your television is stacked on a bunch of crates, which also serves as a dresser with drawers for your clothes! And very best of all, you get to sleep in pirate-ship beds.

We had only booked our pirate room for one night, since it costs a full $50 more than a standard room. Whoa, talk about amusement park robbery! But guess what? When we checked in the nice lady said she had two separate reservations for us, but also had us in the same room for the entire five days! Free upgrade, matey! Shiver me timbers! Elliott was ecstatic and I was too. Even as he got sicker and sicker over the next 24 hours, and had to spend three days mostly in that room, I pointed out that at least he got to be under the weather in a cool pirate room, and had an awesome pirate bed to sleep in. It was some solace.

DSCN9954 I'm sick but at least I'm in a pirate ship bed

I’m sick but at least I’m in a pirate ship bed

The celebrating didn’t end with the pirate room. On our way from the airport that first day to Disney World, our Magical Express bus driver told us about a special sundae at Peaches ‘n Cream, a restaurant at the Boardwalk Resort. This sundae, named The Kitchen Sink, comes with eight scoops of ice cream, every topping in the house, and a whole can of whipped cream on top! (“A whole can?!”) If that weren’t enough, our driver told us if you can eat it all by yourself, it’s free! (Which of course means it has an exorbitant price tag to begin with!) Now, this sounded like the perfect challenge for me. At this point, Elliott was just starting to show signs of illness and was still itching to go out and get our vacation started. After we had checked in at our own resort, eaten lunch, swam, and gone out for groceries, we hopped on a bus to the Boardwalk Resort. There was a long line at Peaches n Cream, and unfortunately while we were waiting, the hostess told us the, “Eat it all and get it free” deal was no longer in effect. What? Blasphemy! She said too many people had tried too hard in the past and had made themselves sick. (Hmpf, I said… stupid people ruining for me!)

I think I'm gonna remember this for a loooong time

I think I’m gonna remember this for a loooong time

Eagerly anticipating a very large sundae...

Eagerly anticipating a very large sundae…

We ordered our sundae, and I carefully specified the flavor for each scoop of ice cream. For once I didn’t have to choose, and I was psyched! When our waiter brought out the sundae, the lights went down, a spinning siren-like light went round and round, a big announcement was made, and the rest of the patrons cheered. I was suddenly aware of how public our overindulgence had become, and I thought, “There’s no turning back now!” (Who can name the Disney ride from which this quote comes?) In the end, maybe it turned out to be an okaaaay thing that you can no longer get one for free by eating it all yourself. Elliott and I really, truly did our very best, and, I’m so ashamed to say, only got through half of it. Oh well. I guess I miiiight have overestimated just a tiny bit, the amount I could eat. Ooops!

DSCN9959 Let's dig in!

Well, we’re actually QUITE full from that sundae, so unfortunately you’ll have to wait a bit for Part II of this post!  We’re going to fall over, I mean lie down now…


4 thoughts on “A Decade in Disney – A Decade of Us: Part I

    • Tell me about it! Maybe one day I’ll just make my own Kitchen Sink at home… when I’m feeling super skinny, that is!

  1. I remember going to Disneyland several times ins the 60s, and Disneyworld/Epcot right after it opened in the 70s. Last time to Epcot was in the 80s, and at that time I was uninspired. Since then my infrequent visits to theme parks have been to take the kids. I did enjoy Futuroscope in France, however.

    Both my daughters went to Disneyworld this year. One was on their school band trip, and the older with college buddies by car.

    • Wow, a whole lot has changed since the 80s! So sorry you were uninspired. We have so much fun there. Then again, we’re just a couple of kids! Hopefully your daughters had a good time!

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