A Decade in Disney – A Decade of Us: Part II

Disney 10th

When we last left off we were extremely full from that gi-normous sundae… but then we slept if off:)

On our second full day, Elliott was still waaay too sick to go to a park and run around like crazy all day, but I had an idea. Maybe if he rested all day, he’d be able to save up enough energy to go out to our favorite Disney restaurant, O’hana. We were supposed to go the next day, but this way we could split up the tiring activities for him and hopefully he’d enjoy it all more. We changed our reservation and off we went. O’hana is an all-you-can-eat, table buffet type of place. It’s Polynesian food with the main course being grilled meat and shrimp, and all I can say is, YUM. They change the menu every so often, which sometimes bums us out when they take away something we love. But this particular time, they had changed the menu just slightly so that it was muy perfecto! I loved every single thing. I even got them to bring me – in addition to the main dessert – the kids’ dessert – little chocolate cupcakes with white icing and mini M&Ms on top. While my poor sick hubby was unable to fill his belly with quite as much food-y goodness as usual, I needed to be rolled out of there on a stretcher. And if the delicious meal weren’t enough, we had a window-side table from which we could watch the Magic Kingdom fireworks complete with synchronized music piped in. What a way to celebrate ten years of us, ten years of Disney, and ten years of O’hana!

With Elliot feeling down we (for once!) had time to just relax and joy our resort rather than be constantly on the run. On the third and fourth days of our trip Elliott felt well enough to go to the parks. Well, I should clarify by saying he *told* me he felt well enough. It really turned out he was just psychologically *determined* enough to go! We made the best of both days even when we just had to sit for long periods and watch shows. We got to go to both the Magic Kingdom and to Animal Kingdom, my personal favorites. We tried out the new FastPass+ system and ended up liking it a lot despite our determination to not like it! (Disney has done a fabulous job with re-engineering its FastPass system.) We did not, despite Elliott’s best efforts, get to ride on the new Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, which officially opened just a few days after our Disney trip ended.

But we did have a blast going through the parks and riding on tons of other rides!

And we did all our other traditional Disney “stuff” that we’ve been doing over the last decade together. We ate cheeseburgers at Pecos Bills in Magic Kingdom, Elliott took a photo of me in front of the ladybug gate in Animal Kingdom, and we took self-portraits on the Astro-Orbiter. And before we left, we bought ourselves an anniversary pin to remember one of our most memorable Disney trips ever.


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