It Was a Christmas Miracle

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Twas the night before Christmas, and Stephanie swore,
There’d be very few presents; she had nothing more.
Elliott smiled, and threw back his head
Then rippling with laughter, he climbed into bed.

He’d heard this same story, so many times past
Each time had been thrown off, even aghast,
Come morning when presents were stacked ‘neath the tree,
All bearing tags, labeled, ”Me, me, me, me!”

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But Stephanie fretted, then worried a bit,
Hoping come morning, he’d not throw a fit.
For this time she knew, the truth had been told
There were no extra presents, no new ones nor old.

Then slowly but surely, the two fell asleep,
Drifting off peacefully, to Dreamland so deep,
Til 4 in the morning, when she woke with a start
Eyes wide, brain going, and quick-beating heart.

Nothing to fear though; this was quite routine.
For though often told she was little and lean
Stephanie’s eyes were much larger than tummy
Insomnia the side effect of eating so yummy.

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She lay there a bit, and she thought and she reasoned,
With all of the gifts and excitement this season
Did it make sense, in some possible way
To wake up the others, so early this day?

Surely the presents, and chocolate chip cookies…
A day when everyone gets to play hooky…
But deep down she knew, there was no excuse,
To pull out the others, from their deep snooze.

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So quickly and quietly, she slipped out of bed,
And tip-toed upstairs with the lightest of tread.
At 4 in the morning, there was nothing to do,
Or was there? The laptop, the internet… oooh!

Would there be sales? First a big doubt.
The stores were all closed, but the web wasn’t out!
Would Dan have a Deal? She went to his site,
And wouldn’t you know, in the middle of night.

A fare had been posted, with a price so so low
No one would believe it, it had to be faux!
Surely, somewhere a mistake had been made
Best snag it real quick, before it could fade.

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It took more than two hours, to capture the fare
Her excitement peaked as she was aware
This present, unplanned, would turn out to be
A massive surprise in their history.

She ran down the stairs to wake Elliott up
A huge smile on her face, like that of a pup.
“Guess where we’re going? Guess what I found?”
She could hold nothing in – “We’re Africa-bound!”

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He looked very sleepy, then his eyes opened wide.
“Will we see animals? Will there be a guide?”
“Wait – how did this happen? Where did you – when?”
Then she told him the price of $293.10.

Now he couldn’t stop smiling, as he looked at his wife
“Why you’ve done it again, you’ve just lit up my life!”
“Very few presents you say, none big or small?”
“With this one my love, you have just topped them all!”

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