Disney World for the 1st Time

Okay, the title of this post might be confusing if you know us and know that we go to Disney every year!  But I didn’t say it was *our* first time, did I?!  This time, it was our friend Ellen we got to drag (I mean guide) around one of our favorite places for her very first visit.

Ellen comes from California, but we met her while she was living in Cuenca, and before that she lived in other places such as Germany, Paris, Tokyo and oh, I really can’t keep track.  She was still in Cuenca when she flew to Orlando in December to meet us for this awesome trip, and meanwhile has moved back to the States.  (We’re so mad at her!)  So when I say, “Our friend Ellen from <blank>” I am totally stumped as to how to fill in that blank.  (None of this is important to our story.)

15 Because Star Wars, that's why!

Disney owns Star Wars now!  (And Ellen might as well be from the same planet as this guy.)

What *is* important to our Disney adventure is that Ellen was a great companion and a great sport.  “Adventure” might be a bit of an exaggeration.  Disney is always fun but the rides don’t change too often, so we know the drill – go, ride, watch some shows and parades, have a blast.  Going with other people always adds to the fun for us.  And going with a newbie, well, that just rocks!

Here are some rides we went on:

39 The whole gang

Indianapolis 500 ride at Magic Kingdom with Ellen

And here are some shows we saw:


Flights of Wonder show in Animal Kingdom

But back to Ellen’s great sport-ed-ness.  She wasn’t a total newbie to all things Disney.  She had been to Disneyland and other Disney Parks such as the one in Paris.  But she was new to Disney World, and that was good enough.  See, Disney World is the only Disney Resort with FOUR completely separate parks.  It’s got everything!  So even though she thought she was an expert, we had lots to show her that she hadn’t seen.

She was especially new to Disney World with *us*.  She had to get up REALLY early.  She had to drag to the parks hours ahead of opening time so that we could park for free and take Disney buses, and be at the park gate a half hour before it opened each day (in case there was a pre-show, of course).  She had to walk really fast and follow us from ride to ride, often not knowing where we were headed, in order to maximize the number of rides ridden per hour.  She had to listen attentively to all of Elliott’s Disney trivia while waiting in lines.  She had to eat at all our favorite places because they are “tradition.”  And she had to stay up really late because we couldn’t, god forbid, leave the parks before closing time.

The best part for us was that Ellen was actually afraid of new rides she hadn’t been on (yes we are totally MEAN).  She knew which rides she didn’t like (if she had been on them in another Disney Resort), and she had no issues sitting out for a ride here and there.  She was thrilled with the rides she didn’t fear.  But since she didn’t know ALL the rides, she relied on us to tell her all about the ones she hadn’t been on.

Big mistake.  We did our best – we really did!  But eventually secrecy got the best of Elliott and if Ellen didn’t ask the *right* question (such as, “Does it go backwards?”) he didn’t answer it.  It made rides like Expedition Everest *extra* fun.

Morals of this story?  Well, it depends on who you ask.

  • Ellen’s moral was to read every sign posted about rides in Disney before she gets on them.
  • Elliott’s moral was to never miss an opportunity to video your friend’s “hysterical” cries of death.
  • Your moral should be to never trust us when it comes to having fun at your expense!

But *always* come to Disney with us, cuz it’s such a blast!


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