Sunny New York

It’s mid-July and we’ve been back on the road traveling again for a few weeks.  But before we share our July and August travels and plans with you, I want to share a goal we achieved: Elliott officially likes New York City!  We took our third trip there in May (after Egypt and Israel), and had a great time in the sunny, warm weather.

On our first day, it was probably fate that kept us from checking into our hotel in the morning – otherwise we’d have been too tempted to take a nap!  Instead, we walked way downtown and across the Brooklyn Bridge.  It was filled with people walking as well as riding their bikes, even on a Monday!

All strung up

All strung up

And we found a really pretty park on the other side.

Walking back across the bridge, we were able to enjoy the NYC skyline:


I prefer to relax!

On day two we went back to the Statue of Liberty, but we went very early this time.  (On our first trip to NYC, we’d spent so much time at the statue that we ran out of time for Ellis Island.)  We climbed all the way to the top of the crown this time, which made it a bit more exciting.


We made it to the top of the crown!

And we still had plenty of time to get the ferry to Ellis Island.

That being said, there was much more to do on Ellis Island than we had imagined!  There are three sections to the museum these days, and he history in the museum covers a much broader span than immigration.  We read about things like the sad Trail of Tears long before we learned the details of peoples’ journeys to a strange, new land called America.


Ancestors on my mom’s side of the family came here long ago.

We even found some of my ancestors’ names etched in the monuments.

On day three, we managed to win tickets in the lottery for Wicked, the Broadway show.  We went to the matinee showing and absolutely loved the show, which was written “around” the Wizard of Oz, so many years later.

That afternoon we walked all the way to famous LeVain’s Bakery, and enjoyed some of their scrumptious six ounce cookies at Strawberry Fields.


I love these gigantic cookies!


Elliott’s rarin’ to go

On our last full day, we rented bikes and rode around Central Park.  It was a hot day, but the novelty and shade more than made up for the heat.  We rode round and round the park, and had a picnic on the grass.  We even rode through sprinklers when we were hot, and I rode on a hippopotamus in one of the playgrounds.  What a fun day!

We capped off the day with another Broadway show – Fiddler on the Roof!  We love this show, and I had only ever seen the movie, so this was a real treat.  Rush tickets are the best!  And Elliott can’t wait to go back to NYC to see more shows.




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