Muskoka, eh?

We spent the month of June in our home in Cuenca, Ecuador, and then on the night of June 30th we began our two month summer trip.  We were originally headed to Philly, but when we were in Israel for Elliott’s mom’s birthday party in May, his aunt and uncle convinced us we should come up for a visit to Canada, where they live.  It had been four years since we’d been there, and we were happy for the excuse to go again.

They live in Toronto, and have a lakeside “cottage” about two hours north of Toronto, in the town of Muskoka, right on Lake Muskoka.  (Go figure.  And what is a Muskoka, anyway?!)  This addition to our plans worked out really well, as we were originally connecting through Toronto’s airport on our flight from Ecuador to Philly.  (Don’t ask.  Those airline do wacky things!)  Uncle Roger picked us up from the airport and the three of us drove straight to the cottage.  Well, not straight exactly, if you count stops for lunch and the candy store, where we filled our basket with all kinds of goodies!

There we hung out with Elliott’s aunt, two cousins, and one of his cousin’s wife and two year old daughter.  It was a joy seeing the cousins again and meeting a newer addition to the family.  We hiked, tried out the local Y, played games, canoed on the lake, and ate lots of good food.  We dipped our toes in the lake, but the weekend weather was only warm enough for Canadian-born Aunt Rose to swim in.  For some reason, Muskoka decided to have a cooler weather spell while we were there!

Sunday we drove back to Toronto, where we reunited with Elliott’s other two cousins, as well as one’s wife, young son and daughter.  Such cute kids!  Over the next couple of days, we visited with them, Roger and Rose, and Elliott’s mom and husband.  For those of you paying attention, yes, his mom and her husband!  In a wonderful twist of fate, they had arrived in Toronto from Israel just before we did for a month long visit.  It had been a really long time since Elliott had seen his mom on two different occasions so close together like that, and we were really overjoyed with how it worked out.

My only regret about this trip is that we were so busy having fun we took almost no photos – we have only a couple of us canoeing (it was a really cool canoe ride).  We’re so lame!  Sorry everyone, we really had such a wonderful time with you and promise to come back and visit again real soon – and with our camera in hand next time!

Enjoying a challenging morning paddle in the family canoe.

Enjoying a challenging morning paddle in the family canoe.

Elliott's tired and happy the way back is WITH the current.

Elliott’s tired and happy the way back is WITH the current.


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