About Us

Everyone who knows us knows that travel is our thing.  This blog began when we decided to take a year(+) out of our lives, and travel around the world.  The trip was the culmination of several years of planning, and struck a careful balance between Elliott’s neurotic need to have every little detail meticulously worked out, and Stephanie’s desire to free herself of all material bonds and go where the wind blows her.

We backpacked around Western Europe for three months and then drove across the US and back.  We traveled through Northeast Africa, Israel, Turkey, Dubai, Jordan, India, Tokyo, and Hong Kong.  We went to Ecuador in South America.  During the last two months of September and October 2013, we traveled through the South Pacific, and everything was a complete surprise for Elliott. Why??? Just because. And he loved it!

Well, now we have a whole new adventure.  We decided to come back to Cuenca, Ecuador, apply for our residency visas, and begin an early retirement!  For the first two years there are restrictions on how much travel we can do outside of Ecuador, so we’ll be spending our allotted time in the US, splitting our time between Cuenca and Philadelphia.  It’s not like us to totally sit still, though; we’ll be busy hosting couch surfers, practicing Spanish, learning about living in our new country and city, traveling a bit in Ecuador, and enjoying our many varied hobbies!  There’s still lots to write about, so come check out all our life’s adventures on the blog!

Ways to contact us as we travel:
1) Phone – this number will work wherever and whenever we are traveling, inside and outside of the US.  It also has voice mail.
2) Email
Elliott – esegelbaum@gmail.com
Stephanie – slsegelbaum@yahoo.com
3) US Cell Phone – this number works only when we are in the USA!!
Elliott and Stephanie – 610.283.8102
4) Blog – Please feel free to leave us comments on our posts!
5) Skype – please ask us if you’d like to Skype us but don’t know how.



5 thoughts on “About Us

    • Come and visit! I doubt it’ll capture your heart like France, but I know you can find the good in anything/place!

  1. Read your post on Million Mile Secrets and really enjoyed it. I am just starting with my collection of miles and it would be very helpful to me in my organization of points/miles if you were able to share the spreadsheets you use to track all your info.
    Hope to someday soon be traveling to amazing places as you have.

    • Hi Jill! Thanks and welcome! Send me an email and I’ll see what I can get together for you! I know you will get to all sort of places if you stick with this hobby.

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